MSP All-Stars: Navigating the Difference Between Executive Coaching and Operational Consulting

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Howdy, MSPs! You know, about a decade ago when I was running an MSP, I discovered something that supercharged my game – my first Executive Coach. This person held up a mirror to my potential and guided me to heights of success I’d only dreamed about. If you’re ready to level up, coaching might just be your secret weapon. 

But here’s the deal: you’ve got two options in this fast-paced MSP universe: Operational Consulting and Executive Coaching. They may sound similar, but they’re as different as a minivan and a sports car. So buckle up and let’s take a closer look.

Imagine the sports world for a moment. Athletes like Serena Williams and Tom Brady are (or were as the case may be) constantly acing their game with their coaches in their corner. But these coaches aren’t just barking orders or spewing plays. They’re like navigational experts, helping these all-stars steer their way to the top.

Now, let’s shift gears and explore the MSP landscape. It’s easy to confuse Operational Consultants like TruMethods, Sea Level Operations, or EOS/Gazelles/Scaling Up Implementors, for coaches. But here’s the lowdown: consultants usually come with a standard-issue plan. They streamline your operations and tweak your game, but it’s often a one-size-fits-all solution for a particular purpose. These folks have their place and add value, but let’s be crystal clear: they are consultants, not coaches!

On the flip side, you’ve got Executive Coaching, and this is where the rubber really hits the road.

Remember Michael Jordan and his legendary coach, Phil Jackson? Jackson didn’t just hand over a playbook to Jordan. He was curious, asked insightful questions, and helped Jordan see his potential in 4K resolution. He reflected back Jordan’s strengths and areas for growth, igniting positive change by enhancing Jordan’s thinking.

Executive Coaches are playing the same winning game in the MSP industry. They don’t dish out instructions. Instead, they dive deep, ask the right questions, and help you unlock that turbo-charged potential within you. A coach is like a bridge, connecting who you are now to who you can become – just like my coach did for me ten years ago.

Here’s the scenario: you’re on one side of a gorge, your goals on the other. A consultant might hand you a map to navigate your way there. But a coach? They’ll help you build that bridge to reach your goals. They assist you in gaining a crystal-clear understanding of where you are now, where you’re headed, and what leadership moves you need to make to get there.

The true horsepower of coaching doesn’t lie in giving you the answers. It sparks the right questions that rev up your potential and tune up your leadership. It guides you to make better decisions and releases the trailblazing leader within you.

So, let’s keep it real: Operational Consulting is like a GPS – it points out the quickest route. Executive Coaching, though, equips you with the skills to navigate the winding roads and occasional detours on your journey.

The top athletes have coaches, not consultants. And the leaders setting the pace in the MSP industry? They’re catching onto this. With Executive Coaching, you’re not just avoiding today’s potholes – you’re gearing up with the skills to blaze your own trail into the future. Ready to rev up your MSP game? It might just be time to find your coach.

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If you’re interested in scaling your MSP from where you’re at to $5M, $10M, $20M, and beyond, I offer a free training on how to do just that. Click the button below to access the training!

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